Friday, April 16, 2004


I'm mad at my beloved dog. I DO love him very much, but not when he has the nerve to CHEW his new bed right in front of me. (Well, near-by.) I handled it reasonably. Yelling at him and making a huge deal wouldn't have gotten anywhere and would have just confused him. I just sternly said "Leave it" and took it away and replaced it with something he WAS allowed to chew. Even though he's a big dog, he's not even a year old yet and puppies do chew. But MAN. *grumble* It is now a bonafide DOG bed. Though he is the cutest at bedtime. After we come in from his last potty break he walks straight to my room and goes right into his crate, flops down, gives a huuuuuge contented-dog sigh, and squirms around until he's comfortable. Then he just looks at me with those adorable brown, expressive puppy eyes until I turn off the light. Awwww.... =) I'm off to the beach now!


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