Tuesday, April 06, 2004

When did freshmen get so YOUNG?

And that's just college freshmen. High-school freshmen must be infants. (Except my sister.) All my classes this quarter are predominantly first-year classes. I'm taking two psychology classes and anthropology to satisfy a few of my degree breadth requirements. Both psych classes appear to be completely straight-forward and easy. I think it's funny that professors give a 20 minute lecture at the beginning of class explaining that we're all adults now and therefore should act like it. Don't talk when I'm talking, be responsible, cheaters will FAIL, come to class, etc. If the room was REALLY full of adults, such a speech wouldn't be necessary. I had forgotten how different freshman classes are from upper-division course work. It should be (crossing my fingers) a piece of cake. One of the psych classes focuses on clinical psychology and is taught by a practicing psychologist. She's dyslexic, doesn't mind swearing in class, and was the most adamant with her freshman warnings. The class has 400 people in it. Irritating, overall, but not so bad as the tests are non-cumulative and based mostly on the lectures. The other psych class I believe will become my favorite. It's focus is the study of cognitive function and the brain - something that is very intriguing to me. The professor discussed the importance of neuroscience in this field. It's stuff I'm already very familiar with. Today she touched on the mind/brain (body) problem which is something I've become interested in as a result from the apologetics lectures I attend. Intellectual puzzles! Woo hoo! =) Both psych classes share the same text! Another plus. Current mood: thoughtful GTOTD: early morning walk with a tripod-dog


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