Monday, April 12, 2004

Pulling out my hair

It is almost 11 pm and I wanted to be in bed before 10. Which is more stupid: digging through the outside trash bin to find tax papers I thought I had thrown away OR finding said tax forms in the file folder for my phone bills? Yeah. Seriously. I did both. After spending more than an hour on this tax junk I've decided not to file for state income tax. I believe I'd only get $5 (which seems wrong, but at this time of night it's likely I've made an unrecognizable mistake.) I could get five bucks for working half an hour, and I've spent much longer than that working at this stuff. --- Today during our walk Jackson attracted people (as usual) and I was proud of him for not barking (except at one man, but then he stopped.) A guy giving his child a bike-ride turned around and came back to ask what had happened to Jackson. Several 10-12 year old boys on bicycles had similar questions. Such a conversation piece! Everyone wants to know and everyone wants to pet him. Which is good because this dog has to be socialized. I've been thinking about signing up for an obedience class. I need to research what's offered around here. At the pet store I saw doggie life-vests for about $20. Not a bad price at all. I also decided that it's not cheaper to make him a dog bed. I should just buy what I want. --- I can't believe this. So much for getting up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Gah. Josh's phone keeps turning off, too. Quite frustrating when in the middle of conversation.


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