Monday, April 12, 2004

Here's my dog trying to lose another leg. Brilliant of him, no? --- I learned about "central traits" in my psych class. These are the overall terms used to describe someone. As an example my professor said "Bill Gates" and the class responded with "rich, nerd, etc." which would be his central traits. She said "Monica Lewinsky" and the class responded with "slut, whore, etc." which made me mad. What of Bill Clinton? True, he's known for lots more than immoral acts and probably would be described as "president" among many other things. The main think Monica was known for was her sexual involvement with Mr. Clinton. So yeah, most of us would associate that with her instead of her other traits that are known by her family and friends. This just made me think of the double standard society holds. For some reason a guy sleeping around is much more acceptable than a girl doing the same thing. The guy is "normal" and the girl is a slut. The girl gets the bad label and the guy gets what he wants. It takes two, people. The "slut" HAD to have slept with SOMEone. There are so many side-issues here from so many different angles that I can't take time to address them all. Note away!


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