Thursday, April 15, 2004

Various and sundry

DJRH is in A school in Florida. He gets to play volleyball every day and I have his address for anyone who wants it. And we thought the boot camp address was long. Hah. Niloticus talked with him yesterday. In a week or two he can wear civilian clothes again so Niloticus is going to go over to his house and collect a bunch of clothes to send him. Last night several of us schemed up ways to infiltrate the box with monkey paraphernalia. Mwa ha ha haaaaa. Anyone wishing to participate in this act of goodwill (heh =) ) please send ideas to me. That other guy in the Navy (JBH the Third) is doing well. I was talking to their sister yesterday and she told me he's looking around for a church to attend as well as good volleyball partners. Excellent combination. I might hang out with the sister tonight if she calls me. Plans for the weekend are up in the air. It's quite likely Jackson and I will spend Friday night at my aunt's house but I have yet to confirm that with her. (I'll let you know as soon as I know, Cate.) WHY aren't more people entering wheresgeorge bills??? I've run into a dry spell and my hit rate is dropping. (No gloating, TAB.) I probably need a more professional method of marking such as a stamp. I'm too lazy to have a stamp made. Psych classes continue. So does anthro. Neither is very exciting. I bought Jackson a bed that has a cedar "pillow" AND a foam pad thing inside a washable cover. I figure I can rearrange what I want to be in the bed, but that seems like a good start. The orthopedic bed's I was looking at for a dog his size were like $100!!! No way. Not for a dog. Even a dog with bad hips. I put that in his kennel with him today (covered with the towels he usually lays on) so I hope he's putting it to good use. It's noon and I really don't want to hang around for class at 2 pm.


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