Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I had no idea that I was tired until I sat down to do homework and woke up two hours later. Now I'm awake when I should be getting into bed! --- I need to post more controversial, intellectual things on here. You people don't get how much I love comments!! So far, though, I haven't had the time to transpose what I'm thinking into a coherent, easy-to-follow entry. I probably still don't really have time. The thing is, I don't want to write to people who already share my point of view necessarily. I want to do a good enough job at backing my stance that it would make logical sense to someone who disagrees with me. Anyways. It's currently easier to just recite what I did each day and occasionally write an entertaining story. Sorry. I love to discuss things with people in person though, so feel free! --- The tripod is adjusting really well to life around here. I'm so happy to have him! Jackson scared the mailman this morning, which I found amusing. I was unloading things from my car and Jackson was hopping around the yard. The mailman walked by on the sidewalk (picket fence between us, but the car gate was open) and Jackson (maybe 40 ft away) started his fierce guard-dog barking/growling without moving towards the sidewalk at all. The mailman literally jumped back behind some bushes that block the yard from the sidewalk and shouted to me, "Is that dog safe?" I grabbed Jack's collar and said, "Yeah he his. I'm sorry about that." The the mailman kept walking. I have no idea if he even realized he was threatened by a 3-legged dog. It's not that I don't think Jackson could do any damage - I'm sure he could - It's just funny when people are scared of gimpy-looking dogs. Of course as his owner I know how goofy Jackson is and how he really wouldn't hurt the mailman - just big bad mean robber guys. =)


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