Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter!

I said goodbye to my family and Josh a few hours ago. Now I'll unpack (physically and mentally) from the weekend retreat and buckle down to work around here. --- Last night Caffeine Fiend and Hamster Laugh stopped by for a (lamentably) quick visit. They were in the area along with loads of other family members to attend the promotion ceremony of one of their cousins who is now (direct quote from Caffeine Fiend's blog) "commander of all Navy recruitment for the entire Pacific Rim." I showed them around the house as well as Jackson's living quarters (which have become somewhat overgrown in his absence.) They took pictures of the dog and I realized I have to work more regularly on obedience training. He jumps up on people far more than I realized (he no longer jumps on me, because I'm non-interesting) and seems to think that he can run the show and listens to me only when it's beneficial to him. A dog his size must be under control and he is certainly not going to be the one calling the shots! Josh and I went to a Bible study and we were going to try to meet up with them after that, but I had to go to school to change the bug cultures. --- Speaking of which! Check this out. Tim, maybe you can help figure out the odds for this event. On the way back down the hill from the mountain retreat, Josh and I passed a large, bright-red pick-up truck with red step-up bars. On the front of the hood there was a wind/bug ferring type thing decorated like the American flag. Several hours and miles later, in a completely different area, we SAW THE SAME TRUCK! We pulled off the freeway on the way to Bible study to look for food. We saw a Chinese food place and passed the SAME TRUCK again; it was parked in the same parking lot that we stopped in to get food. We had to have been at least 50 miles from the last place we saw it and who knows how many other possible routes we (and they) could have taken? What are the odds of our paths crossing with a complete stranger twice in one day? Crazy. Current mood: lazy GTOTD: carrot cake


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