Sunday, April 18, 2004

People in Irvine are very wheresgeorge conscious. I got two hits over the weekend - both in Irvine. Jackson and I had a great time visiting with my aunt S* and her family. Their two dogs (T-bird and Blueberry) are also German Shepherd mixes and are 2-3 months younger than Jackson. We took Jackson and Blue to a dog beach a few miles away from the beach house and they had a WONDERFUL time. I was concerned that Jackson would wear himself out, so after the first couple hours I called him back to me and made him lie down. He was not happy with this arrangement and sneaked away to befriend more dogs and sympathetic owners. EVERYone wants to know about his leg and I got several comments noticing that he gets around REALLY well. It was a heavenly day to be at the beach. Completely clear, sunny and warm with a cool breeze coming off the water, lovely waves, happy dogs bounding around and friendly dog-owners visiting. I spent both nights at S*'s house and loved hanging out with my cousins and talking with my aunt and uncle. Cate came out Saturday night and we had dinner, discussed relationships, drank coffee and played a game. Josh is going to be on TV! (Maybe.) Both him and his partner are going to be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition TV show! They start filming on Tuesday and go for a week; the house is in Livermore. Hal and Josh will work as part of the night crew so it's doubtful they'll make it on screen (except maybe on demo day when the swarms of people charge the house with sledgehammers.) The show focuses more on the central people who run the show and the drama between them, and less on the people working night and day doing the actual work. I have no idea when they'll air the show, but once I know, you'll hear from me! Current mood: calm Current music: Josh's voice GTOTD: Buster Poindexter


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