Saturday, February 28, 2004


I've been studious most of the day while looking forward to the in-depth Bible study tonight. Just after I had finished reading a letter from DJRH, he called! He's doing well (despite the cold) and his voice sounds all messed up because he has to yell a lot. He used to be the AROC (person who yells stuff while marching) for his division because the girl who did it at first had to get her wisdom teeth taken out. Now she's back and he's the Master of something or other. The division liked him better as an AROC because he's louder and easier to understand. A quote from his letter, "Marching seems like punishment because the female AROCs are tone deaf and have no rhythm." =) He's a lock-in for rescue swimmer school and will do that after his A school. He graduates from boot on the 26th of March. His A school is in Florida and after that he could be based there or in San Diego. All in all it sounds like he's doing well. We'll probably get to see him next in December. Gagh. Current mood: productive Current music: Oh my darling... oh my darling... oh my daaaaaaaaarling Clemintine GTOTD: a card from my Joshua!


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