Sunday, February 22, 2004

Rain rain stay away

OK, I know that Californians are generally wimps when it comes to driving in adverse weather conditions... but do they have to be so idiotic about it too? And this is only RAIN, people!!! On my way to church this morning there were twice as many (reported) accidents and I passed two (2) cars that had spun out and were resting on the divider, facing oncoming traffic. I know that we whine about rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc. more than most, but it's been raining HARD here the past few days. Torrents of rain came down so forcefully I was drawn to the window to just watch the ripples of water flood the gutters and wash down the street. I am originally from N CA where it rains more frequently. I admit, I'm a bit freaked out driving in the rain after spending a few years in sunny S CA. Most of the time I'm more freaked out by the nutso drivers around me than by my actual safety on the road. SUVs and lifted trucks go zooming by just as they would if it wasn't raining, throwing up huge wakes of spray into my windshield which greatly hinders visibility. Super sleek cars whiz by on the left and then cut you off in the usual fashion. Does anyone CARE that they could kill themselves and me in the process? Just SLOW DOWN, especially when it's raining so hard you can hardly see 100 feet in front of you. As I left the ranch tonight I drove on a 2-lane highway for several miles before I got to the freeway. It's hard enough to follow the white line on the side of the road when someone is coming at you from the other direction, but when they either don't turn off their high-beams at all, or turn them on right BEFORE they pass you... GRRRRRRR!!!! A lot of the "valleys" in the road had filled with water and there was small rivers of mud across other sections. A couple times on the freeway I felt my tires slip and hydroplane briefly. Wheeeee.... =) I turned the wheel slightly and felt the lack of traction. It really made me want to slam my foot down and lock up the brakes while grabbing the parking brake too... but I probably would have died at the end of THAT spectacular ride. =) In conclusion, I'll take rain over snow and ice any day but PLEASE don't be stupid when you drive. Especially in rain. Especially around me. Current mood: certain Current music: I'm singing it but don't know the words or who it's by. =) GTOTD: I got an HP PSC 1210 (printer)


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