Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Valentine's Day

Josh arrived on Friday night along with the rest of my family. We enjoyed a relaxing Valentine's Day focused mainly on simply BEING together, seeing as for the majority of our relationship we have been 400 miles apart! We went out to breakfast (Josh and beck tradition) and then he wanted to go shopping to buy clothes for me (isn't he wonderful?) We bought more clothes than I really wanted to. I'm extremely poor so I felt the need to absolutely not spend a cent. It made me feel bad that he was paying for my clothes and it took a while for him to convince me that he should pay. The guy didn't buy ANY thing for himself and got so much for me... After we got home, he gave me my present which was... MORE CLOTHES! He bought me a cute denim skirt that I had wanted and some comfortable linnen pants. If I had known he was going to give me more clothes there would have been no way he could have convinced me to let him buy me all the clothes he had bought! I may take some of the things back - I'll see. I gave him a card (in which I had spent time writing a love letter) and a book entitled "All About Us." It has lots of short answer and fill-in questions that a couple can answer together and in the end you get a sort of snapshot on how you each think and what is important to you in the relationship. I thought it would be fun to look at, say, after 5 years of marriage and see how we've grown! We will have been "dating" for 3 years on February 20. Josh is totally and absolutely the man I want to marry. He could have told you at any point in our relationship that he knew I was the one and only girl for him, but it took me a little longer to arrive at that conclusion. I'm not sure exactly when I did arrive, but now that I'm here I can't imagine a better man for me. I'm really blessed to have him in my life and can't imagine my life without him. We headed to the beach to watch the sunset and cuddle and then picked up sushi and wine on the way home. Our 'romantic' dinner was shared by the company of 4 younger cousins which was totally fine because they're cool kids. We watched the Charlie Brown's Valentine movie on TV with them. --- Jackson is still at my parents house and as far as I know recuperating nicely. He had been "limping" on his left back foot but we hope it's due to the sudden extra usage required of it due to the amputation. I believe he got the staples removed from the incision today. --- I bought tickets to see Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ on the day it opens. I'm looking forward to the movie, but I am not expecting a "feel-good" movie at all. It'll be rough to watch, but as a Christian I know it signifies the eternal hope I now have. Current mood: studious Current music: "O Holy Night" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra GTOTD: a BEAUTIFUL sunrise


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