Thursday, February 19, 2004


I knew this would happen. I pushed myself too hard yesterday and now I've plunged over the brink into the world of sore throats and body aches. Of course a few of the body aches are probably due to the healthy exercise I participated in. My grandiose plans to drive north for the weekend have crumbled. I'm sick. Additionally, I have a midterm next Thursday which wouldn't stop me normally, except that most of Wednesday I'll be at the Passion of the Christ and then a special lecture. No time to study there, which leaves me this weekend. Making adult decisions is no fun. I'm bummed that I won't get to see Josh on our 3-year anniversary (which is tomorrow.) I also really wanted to see Jackson. I came home from school early and spend most of the afternoon in bed. I apologize for the recent lack of interesting reading material. I've hit a dry spell. Current mood: unwell Current music: unwell GTOTD: no rain during daycare this morning


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