Sunday, February 22, 2004


Last night I dreamed about my wedding. It wasn't a normal wedding either. My family threw me a "surprise wedding party." Kinda like a surprise birthday party except you get married instead! Strange concept, no? All of a sudden I was just getting ready to be married and I had nothing to do with the plans. My mother brought me this tan beige dress with long sleeves and a stretchy lace top that wasn't at all flattering. I was frantically trying to finish my make-up as the wedding was supposed to begin (5 pm.) I was sending my little sister all over the place to get me things like a slip and shoes. My hair was in a ponytail. Then Steph came in and informed me that I wasn't the one holding up the wedding, it was the music. The band hadn't arrived yet. I could see lots of cars I recognized in the parking lot (it wasn't in a familiar building). As I dashed to and from the room I was getting ready in (which looked a lot like my aunt's bathroom) I saw quite a few people I knew waiting in the main hall. I remember seeing Josh's parents car, but no one ever talked about Josh which I found strange because I was wondering what he thought of this arrangement the whole time. I didn't ever think it was real, though I was relieved to wake up, but what a strange dream. I can only imagine the sorts of "nightmares" I'll have when I'm actually planning the wedding!


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