Thursday, March 04, 2004


I'm feeling quite smug. I packed all my things for a weekend in New York City into one carry-on bag. It's not a back-breaking bag either. I'll have to drag it through airports and Metro Rail trains. The other carry-on will be my school bag. I'm just so great. Ha. =) The president flew out of LAX this morning. I'm sure all the hoopla will have died down by 10 pm tonight. =) I'm still not exactly sure how I'll get to the airport. I may have a ride and I may have to park. I have all the physics classes I need for the summer. Whew. My spring quarter enrollment window opens in a little over an hour. Hopefully I can get the classes I want there as well. I've always had difficulties enrolling. I never expect a plain and simple "get-all-the-classes-I-need" enrollment session. OK so if you read this, please tell me if you'd a) be interested in seeing pictures of "things" (mostly Jackson right now, and possibly people) b) have any suggestions as to where this can be accomplished most easily. I've spent time trying to resize photos to post directly to my blog, but I think I'm leaning towards linking the blog to another photo site that displays photos in nice sizes without too much hassle. I have a yahoo account I may use. I'll just have to set up public "blog" albums over there. Snapfish offers a good service but I think in order to view anyone's photos you have to become a member. Another thing to add to my "TO DO DURING SPRING BREAK" list. Along with cutting off my long fingernails and learning to play guitar. I'm ready for a BLT on sourdough.


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