Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Thank you for the make-up tips. No wonder I am generally opposed to wearing make-up. What a hassle! Possible ugliness is a price I'm willing to pay. --- Today and yesterday I have tried to enroll in $1740 worth of summer session classes. That would be a year's worth of physics lecture and lab. Unfortunately, my highest credit limit is $1800 and I have an outstanding balance on that card (which I WILL pay off in it's entirety when the bill comes) so I was unable to enroll online using that card. I went to my bank's website and transferred the tuition amount into my mastercard account. It showed an immediate increase in available credit. Good. I returned to my school's online registration page and tried to enroll. No go. They didn't like my credit card. I'll try again in a couple of days. I think I'm expecting too much too soon... but I REALLY need to get into these classes. So far web (or mail, but I haven't received the catalog yet) registration is my only option. --- In other news... I dreamed about Jackson all night long last night. I've been worrying a lot about that situation recently. I don't know why. We've found he does have a minor case of hip displaysia which is to be expected in German Shepherds, but no immediate action is required. Having only 3 legs is probably bringing that out sooner than it would have appeared had he been normal. I'm just always second guessing my past decisions and cringing at the thought of so many people doing so much for me. I wonder if it was all the best way to go. I know that I'll have even more data to process when I get to see him in person FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE SURGERY! Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly grateful and thankful for all who contributed in some form or another. I love dogs. I love MY dog. However, presented with a similar situation... I don't know that I'd decide the same things, necessarily. Anyways. Not much time for that in my head right now. --- Josh is working today so I can't talk with him right now. =( I WANT to talk with him right now. He likes to hear what's going on with me BEFORE I post it here (and there's usually a lot going on in addition to the stuff I post.) I don't blame him. Getting it second hand is kind of impersonal and stale. (Sorry my love! You're off making money today!) --- I got my midterm back today. C+. Not excessively wonderful, but I did quite well on the first midterm. I think I went into "coast" mode. I'll do well on the final and should get a good grade for the class. He gives very fair exams so I can't complain. Current mood: antsy GTOTD: sun instead of the predicted rain


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