Wednesday, March 03, 2004

NYC Baby!

Tomorrow night I leave for a whirlwind tour of New York City. Actually, I'll tag along with my mom doing whatever she's doing AND while trying to get SOME studying done. Finals week is nearly upon me and I WILL do as well as I possibly can. My favorite little sister and tallest brother will be performing at Carnegie Hall at 8 PM Saturday evening as part of the National Youth Choir. Talk about an honor our family isn't about to miss! I'm looking forward to the concert. I'm trying to pack everything I need into a carry-on bag. Sound ambitious? Probably. Especially considering the brisk temperatures in NYC. Both my brother and I will take red eyes out of our respective west coast cities and arrive within half an hour of each other in JFK. There we will meet up and combine sleep-deprived brains to figure out complicated AirTrain and Long Island Rail Road maps to get us to the hotel. Since our hotel is right by the Empire State Building my mom wants to take a trip to the top, but I've already done that. I think that's the only major plan I've heard of so far. I have no idea what's there and have spent far less time researching it than my mother has. I'm there for my sister and brother and beyond that I hope I get some school work done! I have a big day tomorrow (register, enroll, work, class, other work, etc.) that ends with a 10:10 pm flight 8 hours long. Hooray!


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