Monday, February 09, 2004


It is an unwritten southern CA rule that the car window must be rolled down for at least the last 3 miles before you reach the beach. Convertibles and sunroofs are excused from this rule. It is certainly my unwritten rule, especially today, in the dead of winter, where the high at the beaches was 71 degrees Fahrenheit. (*smirk*) As I came over the top of the last hill the ocean suddenly burst into view, sparkling endlessly on beneath me. Catalina's horizon was crystal clear against the piercing blue sky. The simple beauty of blue sky meeting deep dark glittering blue ocean was breathtaking. Once enough of my breath returned, I called my mother to gloat. She knows exactly what it looked like. Our family has been visiting this beach for generations. I parked at the top of the cliffs and walked out towards a bench, taking a textbook with me, but knowing I'd get little done. There was too much to take in. Too much to admire. This day was perfect. Really perfect. The palm trees seemed greener against such a rich blue sky. The ocean was calm and endless. The sun carelessly scattered rivers of diamonds onto the water's surface that shimmered and sparkled right up to the shore. The air was still except for a smiling breeze that cheerfully played with my hair every so often. Low chiming of the buoy bells at the harbor's mouth communicated to the white sails quietly progressing along their switchbacks to the horizon. If only Josh were here with me...


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