Monday, February 09, 2004


I spend a few hours trying to play with jpg files to make them "postable" to my blog using various photo editing programs. I am completely illiterate and it's ridiculous of me to try to do things I'm not ready for in the least. I also have lusted after digital cameras (without much extensive research) and a few photoblogs I've run across recently. I adore the idea of a photoblog. It's the perfect compliment to a daily journal entry. A literal snapshot of life. Step one is becoming a decent photographer. I don't even know how to manipulate my camera to give me what I'm imagining in my head. I guess I just haven't made time for it, much in the same way I haven't made time for my writing. Unfortunately, the world of biology doesn't leave me much time for anything. The time I do have is quickly sucked up by other commitments and relationships... leaving hardly any for further development (ha ha, photo pun!) and exploration of myself. (Exhibit A: Un-practiced guitar quietly waiting in the corner of my room.) Obviously I can't take on more than I can do... but there is SO much I want to do. --- I am supremely excited for my dear friend Chell today. Her husband of almost 7 months will be reunited with her today for the first time in over 5 months. Yes you heard me correctly. Newly-wed husband and wife have been separated for longer than they've been together since they were married. I had the privilege of being in Chell's wedding. Her groom is Australian and had to return to Australia to await the visa/interview process shortly after the extended honeymoon (they were married in the US and then had receptions in Australia). They plan to live in the U.S. After agonizing over all sorts of vague processes and paperwork (at least it's vague to me... I'm sure they know about everything now!) he finally arrived in the States sometime this morning. Chell left me a message while I was at work this morning as she drove to the airport. She was very excited. I'm so glad that they can be together in time for Valentine's Day. =) I only know part of her pain as my long distance relationship covers only 400 miles, instead of the several thousand miles that kept them apart during most of their engagement and now for part of their married life. But today they are together, and nothing else matters. =) --- This guy has a hilarious entry in which he recounts how he dropped his cell phone in the toilet. He's a great story-teller, go read it. I laughed out loud several times. Current mood: cheered Current music: GTOTD: Lab practical portion of the exam on Wednesday instead of today. This is very good considering I did not know there would be a lab practical portion of the exam until today, when I arrived for what I thought would be only a written exam!


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