Sunday, February 08, 2004

Before my shower this morning I cleaned the toilet and tub. This is notable because it completes a whole week of household chores that I actually got done within the week I was supposed to. A while ago I got sick of cleaning up EVERYthing the night before company arrived, so I made a list of all the chores I wanted to do, and how often they needed to get done. Then I made 4 cards corresponding to the 4 weeks in a month and distributed the chores out evenly to each of the cards. All I'd have to do was a little bit each day and hypothetically the house would be reasonable clean at any point in time. No more last minute cleaning. That was in... September. This week, the first week in February, I finally do all the required chores for the week during the week. I've been at the ranch most of the day "studying." I did get some studying done but I also ran to Ace to get plumbing things for Niloticus and Cool Joe who were fixing toilet problems at their tenants house. I need to come up with suitable nicknames for everyone. Current mood: Stingy. At least my eyes are. It must be because I'm wearing make up. Current music: TV in the other room GTOTD: Rose quartz nail polish I borrowed from Thoroughbred21


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