Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Falling into bed

It's always easier to stay up late when nothing compels you to. I checked in with my little sister (she's 15) on Jackson's progress. She said he's up and hobbling about, trying to be his old self. He's chewing on his toys and trying to play with Shadow (Lisa's dog) and wanted to visit with the office pets at the vet's. The vet's office staff babysat him today while my mom and siblings had to be elsewhere for several hours. He also has gone to the bathroom without too much difficulty. He's wearing an old T-shirt of my brother's in order to keep him from scratching at the bandage and all the shaved area around it. That's encouraging news especially since it's only the first day after surgery! However... keeping his activity down to a minimum for the next 10 days per doctor's orders (we want the incision to heal nicely) is going to be a challenge!! Mom when you read this please feel free to give a more accurate account via a comment. Current mood: sleepy!!! yay!!! my bed!!! Current music: "I want to shiiiiiine like the sun and the stars in the heavens...." or something like that by some band whose name eludes me at the moment. GTOTD: a functional printer


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