Thursday, January 29, 2004

There's not really all that much work for me to do, I just need the time to do it in. Or rather, I don't want to give up my time to do it. I don't really do anything more important or better with my time... laziness is what its called, I think. My dead giveaway is still awaiting to be towed. I talked to the guy on Monday and he said that he'd call back and try to tow it yesterday or today. Ha. I wish this whole thing had been handled more promptly. It probably would have been if all the paperwork was in the same place, but that can't be helped. I just hate nagging people who are doing a good thing. I have to write a lab report by Wednesday on an "experiment" that I did not design. It's difficult to write about someone else's ideas as if you were the one who cares. I don't care. Not only did someone else decide what I'd write about, I wouldn't really call what we did an "experiment." Nothing was tested. We weren't surpised by the data we collected. There are no alternative hypotheses. We just cut out a frog's leg muscle and shot voltage through it. It responded like we knew it would. The end. Nothing really stimulating (ha ha, a pun) there. There's no huge question that our data helps to clarify. GRUMBLE! AAAAAAND we have to find additional articles to cite in our report. People don't write articles on non-experiments. Especially very general, obvious, non-experiments. Hundreds of people have done hundreds of things with the frog gastrocnemius muscle but why I should have to find away to incorporate their interesting research into a completely pointless lab report is beyond me. One of my lab partners and I were looking up articles in the computer lab and both of us were becoming increasingly frustrated with the whole thing. He decided to just focus on one of the data sets we collected and go from there. I don't really care enough to care about it right now. I grabbed a few interesting-looking articles that I'll manage to incorporate into the intro and/or discussion. There IS NO hypothesis. The data we collected does not offer me a hypothesis. I'm supposed to write a lab report without a hypothesis? (thank you for listening) Current mood: internally foul, externally helpful Current music: n/a GTOTD: 4 paychecks in one day!


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