Friday, January 30, 2004

What the heck

The posting screen is being all dumb again. It looks like we have a surgery date for Jackson. He'll get his front left leg amputated and be neutered on February 3. The poor dog won't know what hit him. =) People have donated enough money to pay for a little more than half the cost of the surgery and I'll manage to pay the rest out of my meager savings. My bug job should pick up again pretty soon, so things should be fine. Pretty tight, but fine. I'll be glad to have some closure on this issue so I can stop analyzing it and "what if"ing about what I could/should/would have done. My mother informed me that Jackson picked off another hen today, bringing the grand total number of live hens down to 2. Those poor birds. I'm afraid Jackson has scarred them for life. He's killed at least... 4 of them. I hope they'll come out of the coop once he's back here with me. =) He doesn't use his leg for anything anymore, so I expect the amputation to help him. He's already used to walking on 3 legs, which is good. He is still on the tranquilizers as my mom sees fit. Once he heals from surgery he'll need to be trained because it's difficult to train a dog who isn't "there" half the time. Current mood: pensive Current music: Greater Vision GTOTD: vacuum cleaners


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