Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Jackson surgery update

If only Methyl knew how lucky she is to have her left front leg. Why couldn't it have been her? The cost of everything would have been much less! Jackson came through surgery just fine and is now minus a left front leg and both testicles (he was long overdue to be neutered!) Tamara called me right after surgery to say that things went perfectly, his heart rate was steady throughout, etc. She had to leave me a message because I was in class but I heard the rest of the story from my mom after she brought him home. Apparently they removed the entire leg, all the way up to the shoulder (as in, took the ball out of the socket.) This will be better than having a short stump which would be easily injured when he falls. I'm having a hard time picturing what he'll look like after all his fur has grown back, but I'm sure he'll do just fine. Mom says that he was alert enough to recognize people and wag his tail weakly, but he's still in pain and kind of woozy. He was whimpering and whining a bit but it's hard to tell why since he tends to be more vocal about everything in general. It would be safe to assume that he's not feeling well and any dog should be able to whine about that! =) Obviously he hasn't tried or been able to get up yet. Tamara gave my mom some injectable pain meds in case he's in a lot of pain through the night. He'll be in his crate (we don't want him trying to get up and do stuff and hurt himself) tonight and hopefully he'll find a way to go to the bathroom without messing up his bandages. He has a follow up appointment on Friday. I really wish I could be a more direct part of all this. Not only am I helpless in paying for it (the vet's office didn't charge us near what they should/could have, even just for all the drugs and meds and antibiotics, not to mention doing the surgery for free) I can't even be there to do the daily care work. Current mood: worn Current music: silence GTOTD: by this time tomorrow I won't care about that stupid lab report


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