Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Midterm and surgery

I had my first midterm today. Today Niloticus started school. Something about that arrangement just doesn't seem fair. Probably the same lack of fairness that allows for him to start school in August whereas I start school in late September. I guess I'd rather work during winter. =) The exam was very fair and I feel confident about knowing how to prepare for the next midterm and final. On my way out of the cafeteria I passed him coming in and he smiled and asked if we were all happy now that the exam's over. I told him I guessed so and he said not to worry - it's graded on a curve. Yeah. Right. Like that's ever stopped me from worrying in the past. The most difficult section of the exam was labeling parts of the brain. That is VERY difficult. There are so many different planes of section that you can view things through it's hard recognize certain structures and weird angles. Also specificity can be a problem. You know that the line ends in the diencephalon area but does he want you to say thalamus or hypothalamus? We shall see. He's a good, fair professor with no surprises. Jackson is either in surgery right now or is done with surgery. Tamara is going to try and get a hold of me afterwards to give me an update on how things went, but due to the fact that she may or may not have my correct cell phone number and I'm working on a lab report where I'm out of range anyways... I'll probably get the complete update from my mother later on. Thank you to all of you who have been "with" me during this whole thing and have helped out in various ways. It's a comparatively small "bump" in life's road, but it's quite reassuring to know there are so many who care for me and my dog. =) Current mood: lumpy (I have no idea. It's just what came to mind.) Current music: "Arise, shine for thy light has come... arise... arise... the glory of the Lord is risen upon us." from Handel's Messiah. Also that verse was on the back of the very red shirt worn by the guy who sat in front of me during the midterm. GTOTD: I got a parking space in the choice lot today. I got to school at 7:30 am. =)


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