Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Apparently when I access the blog program at school it is this huge, pre-school, safe-mode type thing that makes it difficult to feel "at home." --- I'm going to have to do something about the theory of evolution. I can't just let it sit. I have to know my stuff, know why I know my stuff and know how to present my stuff to people who express either interest or concern. My bug boss is an evolutionary biologist (and a Buddhist) and my functional anatomy professor is a evolutionary neuroanatomist. One of the reasons I became a biology major is that I knew it would push me in ways that wouldn't be as easy for me as other majors. Well here I am, being pushed yet again. For a long time I've taken a black ink pen to anything evolutionary that I come across while reading my textbooks. That's a more passive aggressive form of action. It is helpful in that it alerts me to the level of importance the author either does or does not put on the theory of evolution, as well as gives me an idea of how much evolution is getting into my head. I've found that recently the emotional response scale to evolutionary material is much higher than the logical response scale. I'm losing my grip on the REASONS for my disbelief in evolution and finding that I more often exhibit my strong dislike for, offence at, anger towards the theory of evolution. If I let my emotions run me during interactions with evolution-believing people and/or textbooks and lectures, I will never gain first their respect for my beliefs and second their questions about truth. Evolutionists can either believe in God (or a god) or not believe in God (or a god.) It can quickly become a messy pathway to get everything straightened out because so many people half-way believe in a number of things. There are a lot of "good" ideas out there that confuse and mask the truth. Once a few key things are introduced, then they'll either believe completely or not at all in each of those ideas. I know the evidence is there it's just a matter of presenting it and knowing the right pieces of evidence to present to each person. I must strengthen my logical base for the defense of creationism and my faith in God. I am challenged to push outside my comfort zone and make friends with people who don't see things the way I do. If I don't then neither I nor they can grow. --- I must depart for molecular biology of the synapse. I spend quite a bit of time studying today and I'm enjoying the rewards for making wise decisions: a greater sense of accomplishment, greater peace of mind and the satisfaction that comes from doing things right. --- P.S. I am contemplating changing the URL for my blog. Check http://beck82.blogspot.com for this post. Current mood: disciplined Current music: the hum of approximately 25 computers GTOTD: radial glial cells, without which my neocortex would be inside out.


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