Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Well that was frightening. I think my computer may have been attacked by something and I'm just now seeing the reprocussions. Last week, two consecutive start-ups gave me a "your computer has recovered from a serious error" screen. Now things are fine but today I opened my address book to find two (2!) contacts. Luckily I was able to import all my contacts from webmail. THANK GOODNESS. My email program asks me each time I exit if I'd like to synchronize my addresses with webmail. Most of the time I just click yes without really paying attention but I think I may have clicked yes to delete 115 address from my program. I don't know how they were still on webmail, but I'm glad they were. I think the number of times I post during the day is proportional to the amount of time I spend on wireless internet. The lab report progresses. I have realized that a helpful book is at home, so I'll head out shortly. So far I've graphed all my data and ran through the lab report guidelines. I made a rough outline for what each section will include, so basically all that's left (and it's a lot, time-wise) is filling everything in where it's supposed to go and tying everything together in a clear, concise, readable manner. According to the TA, clarity is grading priority number one. Current mood: relieved Current music: "I'm here without you baby..." I think by 3 Doors Down? GTOTD: FULL address books!!


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