Monday, February 02, 2004

Superbowl aftermath

Go Patriots!! I enjoyed the game much more than the last few years. I thought the teams were well matched and things certainly got exciting towards the end. I cheered for both teams during the game because I haven't really followed either of them. Actually, I don't follow football, period. I think I could really get into it if I had a TV or someone to watch games with or someone to tell me when "our" team is playing. My favorite commercial was the one "selling" shards of glass in popsicles. Effective communication of an important message: "don't pay money for things that make you die sooner!" My second favorite commercial was the girls playing volleyball in the snow. I'm going to spend the rest of the day here at school working on my lab report and studying for the midterm tomorrow. I'm irritated at my lab TA because he didn't answer one of my questions (via email) and had I known the answer I could have gotten full credit on my post lab. I know that 4/5 is almost 5/5 and it's only a meager 5 points... but still. He's the TA and should have been on top of things. He has a class that he needs to communicate with. It's part of his job. What bugs me most is that the question was just about post-lab content. I could have included what he docked me on but judging from what I read on the website I didn't think it was required. I guess now I know. He does look like he'll be cool about grading this first report which is nice since I a) think it's dumb b) haven't started c) probably will do OK despite a and b. Current mood: hungry. very. Current music: keyboards... about 31 of them in various stages of use. GTOTD: freed-up parking this morning due to superbowl parties last night!


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