Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Unfaithfulness. Again.

Folks, I've been perusing other blog-type sites and I haven't even been with blogger for a year. Yes, it's true. I just can't seem to settle down in one place that I'll love unconditionally. As far as I know no free or very cheap host offers something that is EXACTLY what I want. However, I simply do not have the skills to construct EXACTLY what I want on my own domain. Hence, my continuous visitations to see what other places have to offer HOPING to find my ideal layout/design/options in a free package. Unlikely? Quite. I'll keep you posted on my whereabouts. Assume I'm here until told otherwise. It's terribly inconvenient to have to pester my friends on when and where I'm moving to. Perhaps I drive away more than I keep. =) Current mood: irritated Current sound: a dog and cat "playing" (causing great commotion, baring of claws, wagging of tails, hissing, shameless butt-sniffing, batting of paws and general unrest in the house) GTOTD: Niloticus stopped by for the afternoon/evening AND I got to speak with DJRH. Two of my favorite people in one day.


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