Thursday, April 22, 2004

A quotable quote

During lunch I picked up today's issue of the LA Times and browsed the California section. In an article entitled "Some Gay-Porn Producers Have Required Condom Use" I read the following: Thomas Bjorn, president of San Diego-based Puppy Productions, which specializes in films showing sex without condoms, estimates that 30% of his actors are HIV-positive. On his sets, he tries to match up actors with similar HIV status — based on what the performers tell him. For pornographers to be preaching sexual health through condom use, he said, is at best misleading. "In reality, what is safe sex? It's abstinence," said Bjorn. "If someone says I'm promoting [unsafe sex], I would ask them to watch TV." This is from a porn company president. The truth is out there folks... and I'm convinced EVERYONE knows it.


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