Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Psyched out

I am so so SO tempted to just "coast" and not treat anything as a big deal. It's tempting to know that I'm back to being one of 400 and now the curve works to my advantage. Especially against inexperienced freshman. EXAM 1: TAs handed out $50 worth of chocolate to the entire class because "studies show that chocolate increases test performance." I wasn't going to take any until I saw the Milky Ways. The professor arrived late. At least the test was a fair amount of multiple-choice questions (60) but the ambiguity of some questions bothered me. I'm the type to see things in more than one way and be especially worried about non-obvious nuances so much that I sometimes avoid correct answers. Finished in less than an hour, including the time I took to recheck my answers. EXAM 2: Got there early enough to claim a desk (the class is more than full and some had to sit on the floor.) Skimmed lecture notes while the professor told us, "cramming doesn't work anyways." CRAMMING DOES WORK for those of us with exceptional short-term memories. Regardless, I wasn't worried at all because I probably could have taught most lectures for her. She explained the brain, it's organization, it's function, neurons, etc. I'm specializing in neuroscience and took a class last quarter called "Functional Neuroanatomy." I wasn't worried about the 40-question multiple-choice test. Again, ambiguity bugged me, although perhaps it would only be a problem for someone like me who knows WAY more about certain structures than most people and therefore more answers "could" be true depending on the level of interpretation. Did the extremely vague and unfocused short answer extra credit question. I got done with the whole thing in less than 30 minutes. I'm enjoying the break from early-morning daycare work. I have been considering the phrase, "...like a girl," most often used in the form of an insult. Lots of the boys at daycare use it, usually "you throw like a girl." Why is it that girls haven't reciprocated this "insult" when it comes to girly things that men don't generally excel at. No girl says to another girl, "you ______ like a boy."


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