Monday, April 26, 2004

Ho hum

Today is a "free" day. No daycare, no school. I'm preparing for the two psych midterms tomorrow (back to back) and go on breaks to wash the dog/car/house/cat/anything else that involves water. It is HOT here. HOT HOT HOT. This morning I experimented with chemical tan stuff. I got it last year but never used it much. Medium is too dark; I should have gotten the lightest one. The lighter it is the easier it is to get even and less horrid stains result. I washed much of it off in the shower. =) Tanning and lipstick are the same way with me. I want to use it but when I see what it looks like on me I freak out and take it all off before anyone else sees. Pointless and defeating. My father returns from India... right about now. He will have been traveling for 24 hours. DJRH called me from a friend's cell phone yesterday. He sounds slightly better but he says he feels completely fine. He attributes his weird voice to all the yelling they do and I'm worried that if he was sick and continued to yell his vocal chords might be permanently damaged. Not like my concern will change anything. Last week was "hell week" and he said it was pretty easy. This week they call "Disneyland week" and they get to go out and do a lot of cool stuff, including the G-force "spin and puke" machine. Lucky him. =) Well, I should get back to work. Remind me to change blogs at the end of the month. Yeah. I'm moving to a new place...


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