Saturday, April 03, 2004


Here it is, the end of my week off. Already. I can't say that I've done much at all. My parents went to the coast for a 3-night getaway and left me to do all the taxi work for D and L. It wasn't so bad, just 7 am choir every day. Plus, I like hanging out with my brothers and sister. D's motorcycle has a gas leak and stinks up the garage and part of the downstairs. The back axel is fixed now and he rides it up and down the street. He has a permit to drive a car and a motorcycle, though I don't think his bike is quite street legal yet. He also gave me lots of good advice for Civilizations II. L and I played many games of Sequence and had fun with our dogs. We have the best dogs. Didn't get to see much of TAB. He's busy with school and counseling a friend in the purchase of a motorcycle. I did get to go to college group with TAB. Right after, TAB and Afropuff had to go to SF to look at a motorcycle and left me needing a ride to go pick up my car from the shop. One of my old friends (we're the friendliest of sworn enemies) from high school kindly drove me around until I located a key for my car since TAB drove off with my purse. It was good to talk with him again. We seem to be able to pick right up where we left off. (Ha. I made it sound like it was all TAB's fault. I know he's going to complain at me in the comments.) One of my goals for spring break was to find a way to resize photos to be suitable for posting here. Adobe wasn't doing it. I got the size right but the quality just went down the tubes. Maybe I can work on that tomorrow and post some pictures. My other goal (I'm an ambitious one) was to do my taxes. That can be done tomorrow as well, I suppose. On Wednesday I bought some steak and tried to make a half-decent meal, which turned out to be half-decent. I got way too much meat, but I'm used to eating with my carnivorous cousins who consume enormous quantities of meat and regard me as strange for not showing proper enthusiasm. Wouldn't you know my siblings are similar to me. I also cooked mashed potatoes (REAL, not from a box!) and green beans. No salad, but it would have been nice. Josh is so wonderful. Tonight he drove all the way over to my house to pick me up (he knows I hate driving places to meet him because it means we're not in the same car together) and took me to Cold Stone for some ice cream. Then we went to his house and I lay on his bed and was lethargic while he worked on my computer. He installed all sorts of good programs that will clean up my memory and keep the computer running fast. He also bought me new RAM which will speed my computer up even more. I love him. He's the greatest in the entire world. HA HA no one else gets him - he's MINE. =) I just checked my grades for last quarter and I'm upset because one class was just ridiculous. I don't like listening to people whine about things they can control and are responsible for but there are so many appropriate reasons for why I do not deserve the grade I got in this class. It's just frustrating, knowing that I can't do anything about it now. I did everything I could to do well in that class. There were two tests. Both tests consisted of 25 multiple choice questions. One test was worth 40% and the other was worth 60%. That right there is just not right. OK so now I'm getting into it, which I don't want to do. DJRH made it out of boot (he got sick towards the end) and is now based in Florida for his A school. Yesterday he played 3 hours of volleyball and got sunburned so he's happy. =) Current mood: Irritated Current music: "He trusted in God that he... would deLIVER HIM... Let him deLIVER him... if he deLIGHT IN HIM" GTOTD: my computer is so fresh and clean


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