Thursday, March 25, 2004

"Door, door, who took the door?"

Fifteen minutes before the final began the professor popped his head in the door and smiled at all of us. We looked up from our last-minute review when he said, "Good. The door is open. That was my nightmare. I have little nightmares! I'll be right back." We've had issues with this door. It's a fancy door that is remotely unlocked 15 minutes before class is scheduled to start. During a couple class periods it would beep frantically at everyone who entered (which is annoying when people come in late, after he's started the lecture) and keep beeping sporadically until some genius (*ahem* me *ahem*) realized that closing the door completely would stop the beeping. Well that was fine except we had to interrupt class each time someone else came in and tell them to close the door all the way. We called to get some door alarm specialist to make it stop but no one came, so now everyone is an expert at closing the door. Today, however, the door behaved perfectly and did not object to being left slightly open or to people entering and exiting. My title for this post comes from the wonderful book "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman" which I highly recommend.


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