Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday Monday...

I'm done with pysiology lab. My TA hasn't passed back essentially anything since class began (he isn't prompt with grading) so it's difficult to tell where I stand in the class. All I can do is done now, and I am powerless to do anything to further effect my grade, except maybe buy him Snickers. I was disapointed with the attitudes of both child and parent this morning (though I hold the parent more responsible) during daycare. In an attempt to keep the little kid noise level down (the big kids were doing CTBS testing) I challanged two of the loudest boys to games of chess and othello. Blaise played othello with me and Shawn played chess with me - both at the same time. =) All was well. Both boys helped the other so it was really as if I was playing 2 games against 2 people each at the same time. Jonathan arrived with his father. Jonathan is a good kid, somewhat hyperactive but a quick thinker and very intelligent and compliant (usually.) Jonathan belongs to a chess club and just cannot constrain his advice when watching a game take place. So he jumps right in (hands and all) and tells Shawn he can't move over here (reaching down and moving the piece on our board) because this piece (touches my bishop) would put his king into check if he did that. Shawn would have seen that eventually and is irritated at Jonathan's intervention. So am I. I ask Jonathan to not give advice unless Shawn asks for it and he agrees but then quickly jumps into my side and tells me the move I'm about to make isn't a good one. His father is standing behind him and says to Jonathan in a rather condescending manner (towards Shawn and I), "Jonathan, this isn't your game, just let them play it how they want to" implying that Shawn and I were really helpless without Jonathan's advice. Jonathan sort of listened but continued to watch and make comments. Then the father continued with, "well just for future reference the board you have is incorrectly set up." I guess this was directed at me but I wasn't listening. I know the pieces were correctly set up so I can only assume he meant the checkered board wasn't "official." WHO CARES??? Shawn and I were having a great time before they got there. This isn't a chess club, it's an elementry school. Our othello pieces are math counters. We don't care about the particulars as long as we're having fun! It's not like the game is greatly hindered. I know this isn't really a huge issue but it's one of those small things that just grates on you. I can deal with children acting like children but when adults are impolite and unreasonable it really bugs me. I just have to let it go because I really don't have any authority but man this type of thing bugs me! There are more incidents regarding Jonathan's father. My irritation isn't based solely on what happened today; it's more of a cumulative thing. I'm off to change bug boxes and collect their eggs.


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